our story


Before Up North Apparel

In June of 2019, my mother opened a gift shop and candy store in downtown Grayling, Michigan. Throughout the summer, I helped her run the business. As I got more involved with the community and the businesses within it (as amazing as my hometown is!) I realized it was in dire need of clothing retail. I was heading off to college in the fall and decided that when I graduate and have some experience under my belt I would open a business of my own in Grayling.


Fast forward to October of 2019, I came home from college because I learned the hard way that I wasn't ready to leave home. After a couple of days of self-loathing for being a quitter and eating home-cooked meals again (that's what I really missed the most!) I decided that my decision was for the better, as I took a leap of faith and established Up North Apparel.

The Beginning

Though the biggest reason for opening Up North Apparel was to provide quality merchandise and service to my community, another reason I established this business was for my immense love for clothing, designing, adventure, and the great outdoors. When you're a native Michigander, it's easy to love being outside! I decided that my apparel would correlate with all of the amazing treasures this beautiful state has to offer. I started out by designing my own shirts and slowly selling them to get a feel of what it's like to run a business. As Up North Apparel started to grow, I was able to provide more of a variety. I am beyond excited for the opportunity to expand my store and give my community what it really needs: great and affordable clothing! 

Amairis Tuck - Founder & Owner