December 12, 2021


Hello there! Welcome to our blog.

This is my mother and I. We are a the duo who are the proud owners of UNA&G. Let us introduce ourselves!

"My name is Amairis Tuck (pictured right) and I am the daughter of Anne (left). To be quite frank, we had no idea where this journey was taking us when we first began. We actually started out as a candy shop in our current location, but life took us elsewhere! After some trial and error, our clothing boutique blossomed.

I am a fashionista and have a true passion for being confident in not only our own skin, but the clothes we wear too! While I have the knack for the clothing part of the shop, my mom specializes in the gift portion. We really offset each other well, and I am so lucky to be able to do what I do. I am more than elated to grow as a stylist and boutique owner!"